Rice Facts
According to folklore in Burma, Bali, India and Japan, rice is considered to be a Gift of the Gods. Rice is treated with reverence, and its cultivation is tied to elaborate rituals.

Take a look at some fascinating facts about rice:
  • Rice farming has been traced back to around 5,000 BC.
  • Rice is the staple diet of half the world's population.
  • More than 90% of the world's rice is grown and consumed in Asia, where people typically eat rice two or three times a day.
  • 3 of the world's 4 most populous nations are rice-based societies: China, India, and Indonesia.
  • Hundreds of millions of the poor spend half to three fourths of their incomes on rice and only rice.
  • To plow 1 hectare of land in the traditional way, a farmer and his water buffalo must walk 80 km.
  • It takes 5,000 litres of water to produce 1 kg of irrigated rice.
  • More than 1,40,000 varieties of cultivated rice are thought to exist but the exact number remains a mystery.
  • The average Asian consumer eats 150 kg of rice annually compared to the average European who eats 5 kg.
  • 65 kilos of rice are milled annually for every person on earth.
  • In several Asian languages the words for 'food' and 'rice' are identical.
  • Japanese people believe it is important to not waste rice, so it you leave rice in your bowl it is considered to be rude.
  • In India, rice is the first food a new bride offers her husband. It is also the first food offered a newborn.
  • Instead of saying "How are you?" as a typical greeting, the Chinese ask "Have you had your rice today?"