Our vision at Radikal is to be: The World's Leading Food Company, serving health in different ways to suit and fulfill the requirements of every modern day consumer. And be recognized worldwide as a trusted and quality brand.

Our Mission

Excellence To offer unmatched quality and purity and be the best in everything we do. Innovation To develop innovative products and processes in an effort to enhance consumer experience. Good life To create nutritious yet tasty products that can improve and enhance the quality of life. That can inspire healthy lifestyles.

Empowerment To empower our talented people to take the initiative and explore new opportunities and possibilities.

Our business is an extension of our belief that quality and health go hand in hand. And this very notion is visible in each of our range of products. Perhaps this is the reason behind our success. Today, we are globally known for providing the widest range of authentic basmati rice.

Packed with a team of visionaries, experts and committed professionals, we are enriching lives by offering truly exceptional and innovative products.

Our Range Includes

Auric Premium Basmati Rice - Ingredient for a good life
Apica Premium Rice - Everyday fitness, Everyday happiness
Radikal Brown Premium Basmati Rice Radically pure, Radically healthy
Pristine Traditional Basmati Rice - Exceptional taste with Exotic aroma
Morvarid Premium Sella Basmati Rice - Low on fat, High on taste
Aqua Mist Premium Basmati Rice A royal affair
Arctic Pink - Basmati Rice
Radikal Ruby - Extra long grains for Extraordinary meals
Radikal Ruby Gold - Fit in every bit
Radikal Mazza - Great taste, Great moments
Super Gild - Devoted to your wellness

Furthermore, we also offer an extensive range of spices whole and grounded, pulses, sugar, sesame seeds whole and hulled, soya bean meal etc.